The Key To Relieving Stress & Achieving Your Goals

The Key To Relieving Stress & Achieving Your Goals

Today I set some time aside to record a free, content packed 40 minute call between myself and fellow successful Internet Marketer Matt Wolfe.

Matt and I are good friends and we also work together regularly. Whenever we get on a private mastermind call we always mention afterwards how much content and advice we cover each time.

This time we decided to record it and share it with you.

In the call we discuss the one thing that we both simply had to do to be able to grow our businesses into what they are today and to start seeing profits that would change our lives.

Before we started doing this, we could only earn so much and no matter how hard we pushed, we NEVER got any further. (And neither of us could lead the lifestyle we both live now)

In my opinion, this is flat out one of the most important things you NEED to get your head around and actually begin to do as SOON as you can, regardless of how new to business you are. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is to not do this as soon as they can. (Regardless of what you think, you can get great results doing this right now!)

It is also often misunderstood and approached completely incorrectly. We address that in this call too.

We teach you how to do it even if you have no idea how, have never done it before and have no money to spend doing it!

We tell you:

  • Our past struggles so you can learn from them.
  • Our top tips that we both use in our businesses. (and usually keep to ourselves!)
  • Why you NEED to be doing this to get anywhere trying to make money online!
  • Why you need to start NOW, regardless of what level you are at.
  • How you can get started right away. (Even with NO budget)

You do not need to opt in and we are not trying to sell anything in this call. This is pure content that we created just for you, because we believe it could help.

Please feel free to share it with others if you find it useful. You can also download the audio file for future reference. (To do either, just use the buttons below the player)

I genuinely hope you find this useful. One of my tips I share in this call, I have NEVER publicly spoken about before. :)

I hope you enjoy the call, please do leave your comments and questions below!


P.S. Stop by Matt’s blog & say hi if you haven’t already! He is a WordPress expert and shares advice on WordPress and internet marketing. ->

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  1. Josh Bartlett

    Thanks David.

    We sure do. Matt and I have started working pretty closely together in our businesses.

    We agree on a lot of core points of how marketing should be approached and we will be both giving away great value to our followers.

    The tips in this call helped me get where I am today, so I hope many find it useful.

    Catch you soon David,


  2. Christina Beamish

    Hi Josh

    Really great audio and thanks for taking the time to provide this.

    I can’t wait until I am in the position where I can outsource some of the mundane tasks.

    I think it is really important to have a great customer service. I was recently told by a subscriber that my free videos weren’t working in IE and was mortified. I immediately rectified it. It is really easy to miss things when you are working alone.

    It’s great that you have a good team as backup.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

    .-= Christina Beamish´s last blog ..My Top 7 Free Products for the Thrifty Internet Marketer =-.

    1. Josh Bartlett

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the comments. I think one of the things I wanted to get across (But maybe didnt enough during the call) was that you can start right away with leveraging others skills and time.

      Most people just call it outsourcing, but thats why I deliberately did not refer to it as that because, leveraging others time and skills means that you can give them your skills in return, that means you can start without a budget where as with classic outsourcing people think of going to an Elance style site and paying someone to do something.

      The fact they might not have the budget stops them.

      For example, I have had Matt edit my videos in the past when I had no time to do it and I have done Matt’s website graphics for him before he got his designer sorted out..

      Neither of us charged each other for it, and we both got something out of it. Sharing skills in that way helps you get your stuff done.

      If its a mundane task, you may for example be able to find someone willing to do your smaller tasks for a month while you help them for a day on something bigger.

      Overall, a great use of your time,

      Worth thinking about :)

      Glad you enjoyed the call and thanks for the comment.


  3. Sally

    Hey Josh,

    A “tip you have never shared before” ohhhhhh the suspense, I listened to it instantly after you said that.

    The interview taught me that I really need to start using video more right now.

    I need to set my s3 account set up, get EVP and then I should be good to go.

    Thanks for creating such wonderful software, can’t wait to get started with it.

    Sally :)
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys, George Brown And A Busy Beaver… =-.

    1. Mike Gormley

      Thanks for a really excellent call guys. Your information was revealing, encouraging and for me…Timely!
      I have a lot of work to do on getting my business cash flowing and I realize after listening to you’re experiences that asking for help is the smart thing to do. You guy’s rock and so do your products.

      Thanks for all your help.

    2. Josh Bartlett

      Haha, sounds sensationalist doesnt it! BUT, I really have never shared that with anyone (my forum technique) and it may sound like a simple idea, but I dont know anyone else who does it and it has been responsible for me finding the best people I work with in my team who have done excellent work for me for years. Its the NUMBER ONE way I recommend finding people to help you. I thought I would share it with you guys now I have my own team, but I used to keep it to myself 😉

      Thanks for the kind words about EVP, let my support team know if you need any help at all, they will be glad to help you out!

      Video is certainly one of the best ways to make a connection and build trust with people online.


  4. Bob Christian

    Thank-You Matt and Josh ! Great information with no sales pitch and a different slant on finding good people. Refreshing! I look forward to your next audio. Thanks again for taking the time to teach. All the best to both of you! Bob

  5. Joey kissimmee

    This is good stuff Josh. This is where I’m at in my business. I’m stuck and the 6 figure mark and trying to push that 7 fig but I think the fact that I still do everything on my own, from the graphics to the copy and everything else is the reason I haven’t made it past the 6 fig mark. But yeah man you guys hit the nail dead on the head with this call, thanks guys.

    Be easy guys, hey Josh great meeting you at the Kerns event brotha. Let’s talk soon.

    Joey Kissimmee
    .-= Joey kissimmee´s last blog ..How Crystal Whites Work? =-.

    1. Josh Bartlett


      Great hanging with you in San Diego man! I still think your cinema room looks SWEET! I need to get me one of those 😉

      I am in the same place, moving from good 6 figures towards 7.. You have done amazingly well to get to 6 figures entirely on your own, im not sure I would of been able to do that. You must be a machine! (It might be that starting to hand stuff off to others is all thats missing to take you to 7 figures?!)

      Look forward to catching up with you soon bro,


  6. MarketingCrazy

    Loved listening to like minded people talking about such important things to remember. Loved it! Good “morning starter” …

    EVP is a great, reliable, program that we use for gigs upon gigs worth of videos. Great job on the blog and the software!

  7. MicK Fallon

    Hi Josh,
    Through your encouragement I have been getting into
    video,made quite a few since buying your Evp.
    I also joined Andy jenkins video Boss,which is great but there is so much to learn far more than i ever imagined,also your Evp class is keeping me very busy.
    Both you and Matt have given out some great tips and advice.
    Last year a lot of people were talking about outsourcing to elance and odesk then it changed to the philippines.
    Thats some great advice from Matt sending out to his list and writing about it on his blog and you going into the forums and finding good people who are passionate at what they do, a very good tip.
    I now realise I have been trying to do everything myself
    and have to take the positive step to work with other people,It seems those who network and work in a team get the better results.
    About time I teamed up.

    ps evp is probably the best thing I have ever bought
    are you working on anything new? hope so.
    cheers Mick
    .-= MicK Fallon´s last blog ..Market Samurai “Why I could kick myself” =-.

    1. Josh Bartlett


      Thanks for the comments and listening to the call.

      Leveraging others skills is so important, its something we all get trapped into NOT doing fast enough, trying to be the “jack of all trades” rather than the “Master of our business”.

      Honestly, those few tips we shared are THE best way to find QUALITY people to build your team and get to do tasks for you (even if you just swap skills rather than pay them) its how I built my whole team. I depend on my team to help me achieve the businesses goals and vision and they are all great at what they do.

      Thanks so much for the comment re EVP too, THAT is why I am working so hard on the new version, new features and making it better in future.. Comments like that keep me wanting to make sure I make it the best it can be.

      Thanks again!

      We have a few new things in the pipeline and a new software product which we will be announcing before the end of the year.. Exciting times. (Keep an eye out)

      Speak soon,


  8. Peter Beckenham


    Thanks for the great tips mate.
    Really enjoyed the call you had with Matt and the forum outsourcing tip was pretty cool!

    Actually I really thought that outsourcing was something that would apply to me once I get more established like you and Matt Wolfe….but I now realize that as a relative newbie, it is one of the most important factors RIGHT NOW that will determine my success online.

    So many thanks Josh. I really appreciated the help you provided
    .-= Peter Beckenham´s last blog ..Video Marketing – Adding To Your Bottom Line =-.

    1. Josh Bartlett

      Thanks for the comments Peter..

      Exactly! Thats the important thing, start ASAP and you will see rapid results and forward momentum in your business.

      It is never too early to start. When I had no list, I offered to do video editing for someone because I happen to be good at it in return for them mailing out a few times for me to their huge list.

      That benefitted us both.. Trading services and time is a great way to get things done that could otherwise hold you back.


    1. Josh Bartlett

      haha! I have learnt from speaking to so many people in this industry that our problems and challenges are almost NEVER ours alone. 😉

      Good luck with your projects.


  9. Prakash

    Hi I am open to new opportunities and feel that so far in marketing I have been unsuccessful with load of information coming at me day in day out,
    now I am more in tune with myself and better equipped to handle new opportunities with full focus and discrimination to extract the best out of any given formula. I believe that there is a recipe for success, this will only happen when the heart and mind are fully in tune and this is when all gets added unto my efforts through people like Josh Bartlett and Matt Wolfe and many others that are not afraid of great heights.


  10. Simon

    Hi Guys,
    As an owner of both EVP2 and The WordPress Classroom I’d just like to say a massive thank you for producing great products.
    I have two businesses that provide marketing products and services to niche markets and I use your products in each.
    If anyone is in any doubt about purchasing my recommendation is to just go ahead. You won’t be disapponted.
    Thanks again,

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