How To Make Your Products More Profitable Than You Every Imagined

How To Make Your Products More Profitable Than You Every Imagined

Quality over quantity wins every time.

As you all know, I believe in quality over quantity.

In fact, this has been an internal mantra in my mind and my business for as long as I can remember.

Even as a kid I remember looking at toys and wondering why they weren’t made in a different way that would have produced a higher quality product (Probably not what most children think about, but there you go).

I’ve always believed that you must be proud of what you do.

Recently, I thought back to almost a decade ago when I last worked for someone else, and realised that the unhappy feeling I often felt was not because of the fact I was stuck working a job I hated, but also that I simply was not proud – in any way – of what I was doing.

Ask yourself: How does what I do matter or make a difference?

This is SUCH an important question that, if not asked of yourself now, will absolutely come back and bite you later (Either through regret or business failure).

I am surrounded by people in this industry who often ask me about a new technique they just heard about, or ask me to promote their third product release within as many months. Whilst I try to help the good people and products as much as I can, I can’t help but explain how they are treading water; reinventing themselves every five minutes.

Even though they are making money, they do not have a “business” and they certainly do NOT have the one thing we all get into this for: freedom.

I get asked questions all the time. Questions like, “How did you manage to make your product a brand name product?”  or “How can you still sell thousands of dollars worth of your product daily, when you haven’t had a launch for years?” (Our last launch was in 2010!).

The answer to those questions, and many more, lie in the below interview.

The “Formula” and how it can help you.

I get asked to do interviews regularly and I try to pick the ones with people I really respect; that I know will make sure the end result is something high quality (Again, focus on quality).

So, when Kevin Rogers (copywriting extraordinaire) asked to interview me about the “formula behind my success”, I agreed instantly.

What follows is around 30 minutes of the “best bits” of the interview. The key take aways and lessons that I believe can really help your mindset, and help massively push you forward in the next steps you take towards success.

Without sounding like I am trying to hype this up, this really should be a paid product.

The strategies and tips that you will hear over the next 30 minutes are exactly what it took for me to create the business I have today (From nothing).

I have unfortunately seen many $2,000 products that offer less “meat”.

So, sit back, grab a coffee, make notes, and enjoy the “formula” that I share below.

(This is the VERY first time this content has ever been shared for free in public before)

Speak soon!


Oh, and my next blog post will be with a HUGE exciting announcement, there is a clue below.. See if you can guess what it is 😉

PS – In the above interview, I am interviewed by Mr Kevin Rogers. He is a copywriting expert, an ex stand up comedian and an all round, effortlessly cool guy.

He is one of only a handful of people that the great John Carlton allowed to write copy for him!  I highly recommend you check him out if you are even slightly interested in understanding the art of writing words that sell your products like crazy.

You can check out more about him here:

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  1. Al

    Hi Guys fantastic content, so when does the easy video suite come out? I have had easy video player for a good few years now and love it, even though i am only really starting to implement it properly. Do we get upgraded to the Suite? I had a little search around the internet and found the sign up page which then drew a blank, any information would be amazing. Thanks.

    1. JoshBartlett

      Thanks Gary, I appreciate the kind words and I will pass them on to the team. Also, thanks very much for being an EVP customer. I really do appreciate it.

      Stay tuned for some EXCITING EVP related news coming very soon.

  2. Dean

    Cheers Josh
    I can’t wait to get home from work now and check this out.
    I also aim for perfection in all I do and giving nothing but my best, especially work. But I am finding this a stumbling block when it comes to starting my online business. The theme from most seems to be get it up then tweak it…. Difficult but I need to start so cant wait to hear your interview.
    Cheers mate

    1. JoshBartlett

      Hey Dean, Hope you enjoy it!

      I think its important to remember that focus shifts depending on where you are in your business. In the earlier days it IS important to get it out and get it going.. BUT, a key point I talk about in this interview is that you want to make sure you are not just adding to the noise.. Solve a REAL problem, give something that has real value and its actually easier than focusing on a “me too product”.

      So, the focus on perfection is not so much to do with the small details, but more to do with the fact that you should only ever release products or information you are proud of and would want to recommend to others if you saw it as a customer.

      Perfection in how its presented can come later, but striving to make the strong commitment to never make “me to products” and only make products that add something is a great mindset to have from day one.

      Thanks for the comment buddy!

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